THE FASTEST MOST EFFICIENT ROUTE TO MARKET IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NEW ZEALAND WOOLSCOURERS IN BOTH THE NORTH AND SOUTH ISLANDS.  Wools of New zealand (WNZ) receives wool direct from farm to scour store through a seemless and independent process.  Wool not destined for a wnz contract will be transacted through one of our sales platforms.



Our offerings are:



Forward contracs are a fundamental part of our selling model and provide price certainty for our growers.  They play an important role in attracting and strengthening relationships with customers.

Our ability to negotiate these favourable contracts, including our ongoing lambswool and second shear contracts, is underpinned by delivery of wool in specification, on time and to required volumes.  Ultimately it's about rewarding growers for producing fit for purpose wool that the market demands.

natural fibre exchange

Together with its partners, Wools of New Zealand initiaged the development and launch of the Natural Fibre Exchance (NFX) in 2018, an independent online trading platform to connect buyers and sellers.

Managers of the NFX and its information site are CRA International, global specialists in the design and administration of on-line auctions and other trading platforms, including the Global Dairy Trade (GDT).

Trading events are held fortnightly altenating with the Wools of New Zealand Tender.



The Tender is designed to move growers' wool into the market in an efficient manner whilst seeking to achieve a competitive market price.  The Tender is held fortnightly alternating wiht the NFX trading events.

NEW zealand buyer terms and conditions

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