Wools of New Zealand represents an established platform for strong wool growers to maximise returns. We can follow our product to market, adding value along the way. With the commitment of strong wool growers, Wools of New Zealand’s working model can be extended – so more New Zealand strong wool can be sourced to meet demand and market signals fed back to growers.

What is the commercial opportunity?

Wools of New Zealand has built strong commercial relationships with customers, including wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and spinners and is working collaboratively with other players in the industry – both in New Zealand and offshore. The Prospectus and Investment Statement outlines the strategy for capturing greater value for those growers who invest and commit. The strategy includes:

  • Working alongside existing New Zealand wool industry participants and grower-owned entities to the benefit of all; and
  • Establishing market feedback and reward mechanisms, so growers can make informed decisions and move towards higher-return markets.

Who is the opportunity open to?

The offer is being made to all strong wool growers and will proceed with those who commit (subject to required thresholds being met). Those growers will then own Wools of New Zealand, including the brands, and control the way new market initiatives evolve.

Why should I, as a strong wool grower, be interested?

We have seen the value of our product trend steadily downward over many years and prices remain highly volatile. Without grower investment and commitment, our strong wool industry and the wider sheep industry are under threat. Other agri-sectors have achieved success by having growers invest and commit. Wool grower ownership of Wools of New Zealand is our opportunity to capture greater value from OUR WOOL through OUR BRAND to secure OUR FUTURE.

Why is Wools of New Zealand the answer?

As growers, we talk about wishing someone was out there successfully marketing our wool. Wools of New Zealand is doing just that – albeit with limited resources. It is an existing platform and path to market through which we can maximise returns from our wool. With grower commitment, the working model can be extended and more New Zealand strong wool can be sourced to meet market demand.

What if I currently pay the Wool Market Development fee?

The business case acknowledges the role of growers already supporting Wools of New Zealand through the voluntary Wool Market Development Fee. The details will be included within the Prospectus and Investment Statement.

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